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Will Clients Take Me Seriously Without a Traditional Office?

Posted on Feb 17, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Will Clients Take Me Seriously Without a Traditional Office? | 580 Executive CenterThere was a time when the vast majority of business owners worked from a traditional office setting. They answered phone calls, met with clients, and did the majority of their work from nine to five at the office. There are many businesses that still operate in this manner but it is no longer the only choice. Improvements in technology have created a situation where working remotely or in a more flexible setting is an option for many businesses. As a business owner, you may be concerned that moving to a non-traditional setting will impact your clients’ opinions of you. This is a valid question and one that you should consider as you look into your options.

The business landscape is changing

The business landscape is changing quickly thanks to technology. Working remotely or from home is not the oddity it once was. More and more people work remotely part or all of the time. This includes people who hold high-level positions. The reality is that the vast majority of many jobs can be completed as long as you have access to a phone and the internet. It is highly likely that your clients will understand that working remotely is a valid alternative to the traditional office space. In most situations all clients really care about is that you get the job done. It is worth your time, however, to explore this option in your particular industry. Are there others in your industry who work remotely? Is it generally accepted? Answering this question will help you predict how your clients will react to you moving part or all of your operation remote.


The alternative you choose will impact your clients’ opinions

The alternative that you choose to a traditional office will impact your clients’ opinion of the change. For example, if you regularly meet with clients it is important that you have a professional location for those meetings. If you want to do some of your work from home that is fine but client meetings probably should not be held in your living room. Co-working spaces and executive rentals are great options for business owners who want flexibility as well as a professional setting for client meetings. If you have an alternative to your traditional office that still provides a professional appearance chances are your clients will not mind the change.


Take a look for yourself at the available options

The best way to determine how your clients will feel about you moving away from a traditional office setting is to look at the available options. You can schedule a time to tour a co-working space and executive suite so you can understand everything it has to offer. 580 Executive Center offers business owners a number of options when it comes to working remotely, meeting with clients, and maintaining a professional appearance.

Moving from a traditional office setting to a co-working/remote setting can have a big impact on your overhead costs and your quality of life. The reaction of your clients is something worth considering. Once you truly understand what a place like 580 Executive Center can offer, your concerns about how your clients will react to the change will likely subside.

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