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Why You Should Consider Joining A Coworking Space

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 3:52:00 PM by Ryan Ring

Why You Should Consider Joining A Coworking Space | 580 Executive Center

It seems like more and more people are deciding to ditch traditional office space and get onboard with coworking spaces. This is especially true in the bay area. In recent years we’ve seen huge changes going on in northern california, with the addition and growth of the startup and tech markets. Smaller and more open minded businesses are sprouting up every day, and it seems like a lot of them are considering alternative options when it comes to locations and office space.

On top of the small businesses that are coming up, we’ve been seeing an increase in remote workers as well. Contract workers who do projects for clients might not have a designated office space, since they’re running their own business, and don’t need an entire suite just for themselves and their laptop. However, working from a cafe or from home come with a long list of issues.

Here are a few reasons why both contract workers and small business owners are starting to use coworking spaces more, and why you should definitely consider making the switch.

Improved Motivation

Working remote can be amazing. You can choose to work from home, or from your favorite cafe, or basically anywhere that has a wifi connection. However, one challenge that a lot of remote workers deal with is the lack of motivation that can come with working from home. While it might seem great to have the freedom to work in your bed wearing your most comfy pair of sweats, it can be hard to get work done with all the distractions and comforts of home around you. Even if you do make it out of the house and down to your local cafe in an effort to get going, since it’s not exactly a designated work space, there can be just as many distractions there. Joining a coworking space provides you with a space that you only go to when it’s time to work, which can help you get into and stay in a working rhythm.

Available Perks

There are a few different perks that are available through coworking spaces that can make your professional life much easier. For one, any good coworking space will provide a coffee bar, free of charge. This is helpful because if you’re in a good working groove, you won’t have to leave to get a refill on your latte.

You’ll also have access to conference rooms that you can rent by either the hour or day. If you’re meeting with an investor, or potential partner, this will help you give a great first impression.

Designated Spaces

One of the best parts about coworking is the open layout. We know that as a remote worker, or business owner, not every day is going to involve the same type of work. For those days that you need to focus, whether you’re writing or editing a video, coworking spaces have designated quiet areas, where you can work undisturbed.

For those days when you’re working on a project that’s more loose and creative, you might want some company, or to collaborate with your fellow coworkers. There are open seating areas well suited for discussion and teamwork.

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