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Why You Need More than a Mailing Address for Your Business

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Why You Need More than a Mailing Address for Your Business | 580 Executive CenterRunning a business is complex. You have to find the right balance between keeping costs down and paying for the things that will help things run more efficiently. There are some things you can skimp on in order to keep costs down – especially in the early days of your business. One area where new business owners who work remotely often debate about is whether to invest in a virtual office or stick with a simple mailing address. An argument can be made to keep it simple and go with a mailing address only. However, there are some benefits that you simply will not get when you choose that route.


Why you need some type of address for your business


If you run your business remotely then you may not see the need for a mailing address or physical address at the beginning. Do you really need one? Having a mailing address is about more than having a place to get business-related mail. For example, if you want to create email campaigns to send to current or potential customers, you need to have a mailing address at the bottom of your emails in order to stay in compliance with the law. Since email marketing is often a core element of running a small business – especially one that is run remotely – going without some type of mailing address simply is not an option.


When a simple mailing address is enough


If your primary concern is keeping costs as low as possible, a simple mailing address may be the best option. A P.O. Box will not cost you very much money at all. In many areas you can get a small P.O. Box for less than $100 per six month or one year rental depending on where you live. Choosing a simple mailing address will be enough to keep you in compliance with the laws surrounding email marketing but it will not do much else.


Why you may need more than a mailing address for your business


There are situations where business owners need more than a simple mailing address for their business. Having a physical address for your business is important if you are trying to establish a presence in your local market. A physical address will give your business legitimacy with people who live nearby. In addition, having a physical address can help you rank for local SEO. If your goal is to win local business, having a physical address connected to your business can help. You can get set up with a physical address for your business without going out and renting or buying a place. A virtual office can provide you with the physical address you need at a fraction of the cost of actually having a physical location.


When choosing between a simple mailing address and a physical address for your business, think about your long-term goals. If you are looking to establish a presence in your local community then you need more than a simple mailing address. Getting set up with a virtual office will give you a physical address that you can use to build local SEO and build a presence in your community.

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