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Why Working Next to other Businesses May Increase Your Quality of Work

Posted on May 8, 2017 4:20:00 PM by Ryan Ring


From cramped personal offices, from living room couches and kitchen tables, from bedrooms and dingy basement desks, many remote workers are making the change to a co-working office. Why is co-working becoming such a trend? Easy: many business owners see the massive benefit to working next to other like-minded people.

In a 2017 article on co-working statistics, it states that those who work in a co-working environment felt healthier, got more done, and got to collaborate with those they wouldn’t normally have met.

What does that mean for your business? A happy, more productive you means your work sees an increase in quality. Sounds like a win-win right? Indeed, for many people it is. First, let’s talk about what a co-working space is.


What is a co-working space?


A co-working space is an office that you rent, along with other people. Unlike a traditional office, you rent only your desk, and maybe some storage space. Other people will be working alongside you, and you may meet people from a wide range of backgrounds, working on an even broader range of projects. Many people who rent a shared office space as entrepreneurs, or freelancers.

In addition to your desk, many co-working spaces offer you amenities like free coffee, Wi-Fi, executive meeting rooms, and more.

Also, you can rent a shared office by the month, saving you from a long-term rental agreement. All that is well and good, but how does working next to other freelancers, entrepreneurs and other like-minded people help you increase the quality of your work? This can happen in a variety of ways.


Greater Motivation and Focus


There’s something about coming to an office and working around other people that make us want to be more productive. When you’re in an environment that is strictly for work, the drive to work hard and complete work on time is much higher than say when you’re working from home.

When you’re at home, there are many distractions. The television, the dishes in the sink, the couch inviting you to take a nap, these are all productivity killers. When you’re in a co-working space, these distractions are eliminated, allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Also, if you’re an entrepreneur, working with others trying to succeed will only strengthen your will to succeed as well.


More Collaboration


One of the biggest advantages to a co-working space is the people you meet. Co-working spaces are hotbeds for like-minded people. You can connect with them for business development as well as bounce ideas off them. You may even find someone to collaborate with in your entrepreneurial journey.

It’s no surprise too, with all these creative, ambitious people around you, you’ll want to work even harder to succeed and impress.

There are many benefits to working next to other like-minded people in a co-working space, but perhaps the most important are those that benefit your productivity. After all, how can your business succeed without hard work and dedication? If you’re considering renting a shared office space, contact us. We at 580 Executive Center are ready to answer all your questions and set you up with a co-working space that’s right for you.

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