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Why use Phone Answering Services when Google Phone is Free?

Posted on Oct 20, 2014 10:48:59 PM by Ryan Ring

Why use a Professional Phone Answering Service when Google Phone is Free?A wise person once told me, "Deals are made and lost on the phone."


“If you would like assistance with your account, press 1 for more options”

“If you would like to hear a recorded message, press 2”

“If you would like to continue being tortured by this phone maze, press 3”

“If you would like to speak to a professional, caring person who knows you and what you need to get done via phone, hire a professional Phone Answering Service Provider.”


Ah, technology. It’s a wonder and an aggravation all in one. We have phones in places Maxwell Smart never thought of and at prices that range from rock bottom to free. Free of charge, but not free of stress and plenty of it.


Wonky phone service, soul-less voice recordings, and indifferent recorded instructions, are not what callers want to reach. Callers want to reach a real person. Studies have shown that more than half of all calls that reach a recorded message disconnect. Savings achieved on ineffective phone service may be costing you a significant share of business. Deals are made and lost on the phone.


A professional phone service provider is one that has well trained, customer service specialists – translation: people who actually care about you, your business and your callers. Reaching a perky, smile-in-the-voice, live person is so rare today that it is increasingly valued, commented about, and translates to enormous good will for you and your business. More than just expertly handling calls and transferring them seamlessly, a true professional phone service provider will convey to your callers that you are a professional who knows that details matter and that you think enough of them to provide one of the rarest of things – a positive phone call experience.

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