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Why Startups And Coworking Go Hand In Hand

Posted on Apr 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Why Startups And Coworking Go Hand In Hand | 580 Executive Center


Startups are a huge piece of the Bay Area’s new culture. Whether it’s a tech company, fashion brand, small accounting firm, or contracting business, the bay area seems to be the most welcoming area for innovation and small businesses. But running one of these startups isn’t always easy. So many of them come and go like a flash in the pan, and a lot of the reason for that is funding. It can be quite easy to snag an investor if you have a good idea and the background to prove your concept. However, many startups aren’t smart about how they invest those funds, and end up gone before the world even gets a chance to hear about them. This is the reason why smart startup owners are meticulous about their spending. They analyze every single cost, and don’t take “that’s just the cost of doing business” as the end all of the spending. One example of this is office space.

Before startup culture started growing, there were really only two main options for office locations. Either your company was too small to afford a full office, so you worked from home, or you spent thousands on renting an office suite. That might have worked fine before, but in the startup world, most businesses function in between those two categories. They’re small, so they don’t need a full office, but they can’t justify spending the astronomical rent costs for an office suite. That’s where coworking comes in to fill in the gap.

Coworking offers the perfect solution for startup companies. It’s a dedicated work environment with private desks and even conference rooms that help you function as a professional, but for a much lower cost.

The cost isn’t the only factor that makes coworking a great fit for startups. The environment is also perfectly suited for the type of people who run startup companies. Creative people who work hard love coworking spaces, because they’re full of people who think outside the box (they started their own company, and chose a non-traditional office) and also take their business seriously enough that they choose to be here. It’s likely that the people in coworking spaces have enough job freedom that they could choose to work from home in their bed, snacking on chips with daytime television playing in the background. The fact that they chose to work from a designated office environment shows that they’re motivated and hardworking people. This makes for a great working space, since hard-working people tend to respect that in others, and try not to create any distractions.

The motivated and innovative air in a coworking environment is something that can’t really be described to the full extent. Take a tour of a coworking space now and see for yourself.

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