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Why Most People Actually Thrive In Co-working Spaces

Posted on Jun 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Why Most People Actually Thrive In Co-working SpacesCo-working spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option, for a variety of professionals. Remote workers, startup companies, and freelancers are among those who are turning to these shared spaces as an alternative to either traditional offices or working from home. It’s not just the latest trend; in fact, it’s turning out to be an almost ideal work environment for many workers. Here are some of the reasons why so many people thrive in co-working spaces.


It’s a professional environment.


I’m not saying that traditional office setups are not a professional environment. But for the rapidly growing numbers of people whose work situation doesn’t include a standard office, co-working space provide the best solution. Working from home is a much sought-after arrangement for lots of job seekers nowadays, and camping out in libraries or coffee shops is a familiar arrangement to many freelancers. But are those environments really conducive to putting in a successful, productive professional day? Contrast those choices with a co-working space, where you’re set up in a full-service office, surrounded by other professionals. There’s an energy of work-in-progress that’s simply difficult to replicate at home or in a cafe.


It’s a great way to network.


You may not be in sales or public relations, but it’s hard to imagine very many professionals whose success is not in some way dependent on their ability to network. This is fairly obvious if you’re a freelancer, and constantly looking for new sources of work. If you’re in a startup organization, it’s even more critical. Making the right connections in the early stages of your company’s development may make or break your career.


If you work out of your home, your networking opportunities will obviously be limited. There may be a buzzing social scene at the local cafe, but it’s not really all about business there, is it?. In a co-working space, everyone is there to work, and in a business mindset. You may find, among your neighbors in the shared office, professionals in a related field who you can partner with on your projects. Or, you might discover that conversations with someone in another industry provide insights and perspectives to your work that you wouldn’t get from colleagues in your own company. Who knows? You might even earn a new client out of this arrangement.


Reduced Stress


Today’s working world is fast-paced and intense. While sometimes it seems that it’s only running on nervous energy that gets us through our days, that’s hardly the best way to work. Studies consistently find that reduced stress leads to more productive work, and a sense of well-being. Co-working spaces eliminate some of the more stress-inducing aspect of the workday, starting with cutting out the hectic commute in rush hour that has so many people feeling frantic by the time they start work in the morning. Working from home seems on the surface to be a relaxed environment, but once you actually spend time at it, many find that it’s difficult to avoid the distractions and worries of home and family. The presence of all the necessary amenities, both work-related and comfort-oriented, help to make co-working spaces even more of a stress-free environment.

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