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Why Coworking Is The Smart Choice For Small Businesses

Posted on May 21, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Why Coworking Is The Smart Choice For Small Businesses | 580 Executive Center


Small business owners have to be smart. It’s important for you to work twice as smart and twice as hard as anyone that works for your corporate competitors because you need to get a leg up in the industry. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make as the owner is where to work from. This decision can be huge because if you choose to work from somewhere that’s less than professional, it can look bad for your company, and make clients wary about jumping onboard. On the other hand, if you overspend on office space that’s too big for your company, you can go broke paying these crazy Bay Area rent prices before you even get going. 

Fortunately, there’s an option in between those two: Coworking. Coworking is a new trend amongst startups, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of operating out of a garage, or a cafe, coworking provides the opportunity for businesses to function in a professional environment without breaking the bank.

When you start a business, you might be tempted to work from home just because of the convenience and price...or...lack thereof. However, anyone who has worked from home can tell you that it’s easier said than done. If your kids, spouse or roommate share your space with you, they can be huge distractions. Even an empty house is full of distractions. Comfy beds, streaming services with seasons of that new show you’ve been binging...it can be hard to get to work surrounded by all these comforts.

So you head out of the house and set up at your local cafe. A little less comfortable, so maybe you’ll be slightly more motivated to work. However, as relaxing as they try to make the vibe in a coffeehouse, the noise alone can negate the zen. The coffee beans being ground and baristas shouting out orders can be tough to drown out.

Coworking is the best choice you can make. It’s quiet and secluded in some areas for those days when you’re racing against a deadline, but in other areas networking is encouraged. Not only is it affordable, but the people you meet can help move your business forward in the long run. It comes with all the amenities you could possibly need: fast wifi, a fully stocked coffee bar, and even rentable hourly conference rooms. Whether you’re hunkering down to type out your business plan, looking to network with people who have creative ideas for social media posts, or putting together a presentation for potential investors, all the resources you need can be found in your coworking space.

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