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Why a Shared Office Space Is Perfect For the Self Employed

Posted on Aug 13, 2015 10:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Shared Office Space

Self-employment is a dream come true for many business-minded individuals. The idea of working from home or in a personal office is romantic, but there is something missing: the social aspect of a work environment.

Being alone all throughout the day is not as glorious as many self-employed believe. It also leads to stress at home. In fact, according to Officevibe, professionals that move to a shared office space are 60% less stressed than when they’re at home. Why? They are able to find the social aspect of an office while also being able to leave their work at the office – not at home.


Confidence and Accountability Rise in a Shared Office Space


Accountability and leadership are lacking for many self-employed. It’s far too easy to check the latest sports scores or your email when you’re alone than it is when other professionals are around.


A study by Officevibe shows that a shared office leaves 90% of self-employed persons more confident.


This same study showed that 64% of those working in a shared space were better able to complete tasks, and 68% were better able to focus. A lot of factors are at play in these spaces, such as a dedicated office that is away from the home being more professional, and the atmosphere filled with like-minded people all trying to achieve their goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Success Increases


Self-employment and small business as a whole have a high rate of failure. Why? Lack of support and isolation are two of the most important factors. Many people give up on their dreams, mainly due to lack of earnings, but also due to lack of advice and perspective.


The self-employed rely on themselves for advice and perspective.


A shared office space, such as a coworking space, allows people that are self-employed to bounce ideas off of each other and ask for advice or opinions. This allows for confidence and also acts as a form of networking. Now, the self-employed entrepreneur can bump into someone at the watercooler and talk about their latest project or idea and get feedback, or simply make a new friend.


Image source: Kārlis Dambrāns


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