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Who is the Typical Person that Uses a Co Working Space?

Posted on Oct 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Who is the Typical Person that Uses a Co Working Space_ _ 580 Executive CenterWho is the typical person that uses a co-working space? Is it a good option for the type of work you do? There are many different types of professionals who use a co-working space. And, as technology continues to transform the workforce, more and more people will be able to choose a co-working space over a traditional office. There is no single type of person that uses a co-working space but there are groups that are commonly represented in co-working spaces. These include entrepreneurs, remote workers, people who travel often for work, and people who work for businesses going through some type of transition.


Many entrepreneurs find that one of the keys to early success is to minimize overhead costs. Low overhead costs allow entrepreneurs to focus their efforts and financial resources on other areas of the business. There are several costs that come with renting or purchasing a traditional office. Buying furniture and paying for the buildout are two of the most expensive elements of getting a traditional office. Entrepreneurs can avoid these costs by using a co-working space that is already furnished and designed as a work environment. Another reason entrepreneurs often use co-working spaces is because their business is growing and changing quickly. They avoid committing to a certain office size or location until the business is in a more stable place.  

Remote workers

The reality of working out of your home can be difficult if you do not have a dedicated and professional space to work. Many remote workers find it difficult to separate their home and work life when they work from the couch or kitchen table. This difficultly leads many remote workers to seek out co-working spaces. A co-working space provides a professional environment that can help maximize the productivity of a remote worker.

People who travel often for work

People who travel frequently for work often use a co-working space as their home base. When they are in town they set up in the co-working space and when they travel they do not have an office to worry about. This eliminates the burden of keeping up with a leased office and allows them to focus on other important elements of their work.

Businesses in transition

Another group that use co-working spaces are people who work at businesses going through some type of transition. Sometimes a person needs to work remotely until a new location of their company is opened up. Companies may hire people on contract and provide them with access to a co-working space instead of giving them a permanent space in their office. There are a variety of scenarios where people need short-term access to a co-working space.

If you fall into one of the categories mentioned above then it should be easy to see yourself in a co-working space. If your specific situation was not mentioned it does not mean that a co-working space will not work for you. Any job that can be done with a computer and internet connection can be done from a co-working space. Come visit 580 Executive Suites during regular business hours and get a tour of the facility. Seeing a co-working space in person will help you decide if it is the right fit for you.

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