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Where is Mailbox Rental in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Posted on Oct 29, 2014 3:00:00 PM by Ryan Ring


If you’ve got a smart phone and a mailbox, then you are ready to go into business! Chances are you already have that smart phone, and the only thing that stands between you and your new business is finding an address in a good location at a reasonable price.

A smart phone is literally an office. It may contain data, contacts, documents, files, spreadsheets, recorded phone messages and your work calendar. Smart phones can contain everything that a physical office traditionally includes. Armed with a smart phone and your creative genius, all you may need to go into business is that physical office address -- which you can rent!


More than ever, mailbox renals are in demand. Forty percent of the work force or 65 million Americans are “solo-preneurs” or freelancers and consultants. Fifty three percent of all small businesses are based out of homes – Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most business owners want separation between their personal lives and their business lives, so mail coming to the home, and the home address being all over the Internet is a privacy concern.


The Bay Area offers a wide variety of mailbox rental locations ranging from the USPS to outlets such as Mailboxes, Etc. and Virtual Office Mail Identity services. With the USPS, your business mail goes to the post office that is convenient for you to pick up your mail. This is a very inexpensive option. Sometimes post offices run out of mailboxes for rent, or the location is inconvenient. Mail Boxes, Etc., and others are another economical option. The most professional option is to have a Virtual Office Mail Identity package from a professional provider. This service can be purchased as a stand-alone service, or in a suite of services such as a set number of hours of day office use, or conference room use, and phone answering service. Prices range from as little as $49.00 per month to a few hundred dollars depending on which additional services are included.

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