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What's Included In A Coworking Space?

Posted on May 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

What's Included In A Coworking Space? | 580 Executive Center


If you’re a small business owner, you probably do a ton of research. You research products to see which ones sell the best. You research areas, and demographics to get to know your customers. One of the biggest research tasks a business owner faces is researching where to locate their home base. This can be a difficult choice to make, especially for a brand new company. If you’ve decided to work on your new business full time, you want to have a dedicated space where all you do is work. However, if you’re the only employee there or one of a few, you might not be ready to rent an entire office suite.   Coworking is a great middle ground. If you’re currently researching options for your central office location, here is some information about what’s included.

A Workspace

The first thing we’ll go over is the most obvious part, the actual space where you get work done. Within a coworking space, there are actually options for you to choose from on a daily basis. Say you come in on a Monday with an inbox full of emails from the weekend, and a big presentation you need to finish by tomorrow. You’ll probably opt for a more private space, like some of the desks in the quiet section of the coworking space.

On a Friday, when you’re working on some social media posts, and looking around the internet to see what other people have been posting lately, you might be in the mood to sit in the more comfortable, open portion of the coworking space where you can meet other people and exchange ideas.

Conference Rooms

Most of the people who choose to use a coworking space work in an industry that doesn’t involve everyday, face-to-face interaction with customers. However, even these businesses will have the occasional need for a professional meeting. If you rent a coworking space, you’ll have access to multiple types of conference rooms that can be rented out on an hourly or daily basis. These rooms include any audio or visual equipment that you might need for the duration of your presentation.


A good coworking space will be filled with little things that simply make your life as a business person easier. For example, they usually include a coffee bar that has all the milk, espresso, flavors and drips you might need. This will prevent you from having to break stride just to go grab a drink from the nearest coffee spot.

Of course, the wifi at a coworking space is going to be far superior to the internet speed you get from say, a Starbucks. Coworking spaces are designed to take on many business people at once, so you’ll never have to see that annoying buffering message.

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