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What To Look For When You Tour A Coworking Space

Posted on May 28, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

What To Look For When You Tour A Coworking Space | 580 Executive Center

If you’ve decided to start working from a coworking space, congratulations. You’ve taken a proactive step towards improving your productivity at work. As someone who has the freedom to work from wherever they choose, deciding to invest in a dedicated outside workspace is something that not everyone in your position chooses to do. It shows that you’re serious about your work and you want to get as much out of every work day as possible. This is a great decision, and we’re sure you’ll see the benefits of it for years to come, as your business grows.

The first step to getting to work in your new coworking space, is choosing the right one. Living in the bay area, more options for coworking spaces are popping up every day. It’s important to choose one that’s right for you, and provides all that you’ll need to get things done.

The first thing you should look for in a coworking space is designated areas. Since you’ll be working with many different people, in different industries, with different positions, it’s important that there are different areas for different types of work. There are three areas that are most important to look for when you’re on your tour. The first is an open, networking area.

While coworking spaces are dedicated for work, this doesn’t mean that you have to be silent all the time. It’s important that the coworking space you choose has a dedicated space for people to meet, talk, discuss and survey each other about more creative or casual projects that they’re working on. If there isn’t a space specifically set for these conversations, they will tend to bleed into the rest of the space, possibly disturbing people who need a quiet environment to work. You can usually spot these areas by the more comfortable and open seating, such as a couch or chairs in more of a circular set up.

The next area you need to take a look at is the opposite of the former one we mentioned. There absolutely must be an area dedicated to more quiet and private work. You can spot these areas by the desks and more separated individual workspaces, often with privacy dividers. As much as networking is a perk of using a coworking space, there are going to be times in any remote worker’s life that they need some peace and quiet in order to focus. If you’re coming up on a deadline, or need to do some heavy researching or reading, you might want to head over to one of the more private desks and stay away from the noisier areas.

The last space you need to look for in the coworking space you’re considering is a conference room. There are going to be times when you need to meet with potential clients, investors, employees or other groups of people linked to your business, and having these conference rooms are perfect for those occasions. Ask about the amenities that come with the conference room, since any good coworking space should provide furniture, supplies and equipment that you might need in order to make a proper presentation.

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