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What is a Laptop Lounge? 5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Office Space

Posted on Dec 24, 2014 10:38:00 AM by Ryan Ring

laptop-loungeMost consider a laptop lounge to be a shared space that provides a dedicated desk and a shared conference room or meeting space.


In today’s fast paced highly technical working world, there is definitely a need for high tech workspace solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs. Typically the cost for an office space is prohibitive and restrictive. And with a well-equipped laptop and smartphone, who really needs to splurge on all of the costs of real estate, payroll, employee taxes, etc.


If you want to understand the top 5 reasons you want to utilize a virtual office also known as a laptop lounge, check out the following:


1. With the right facility you have the convenience to meet with prospects and use a high-end business office without the extra added cost of rent. In most cases, a meeting space can be bought by the hour and only when you need it.


2. Based upon your needs and your budget you can obtain an address in virtually any community that you desire. Your business can have the office address in the place that you would most like to be associated with. All this at the fraction of the cost of leasing the office and purchasing all of the equipment yourself. Not to mention the cost of employees and taxes.


3. You can dial up services on the fly. If you need a mail address for a while, voila you have it. Need voice mail or answering service? There it is. Want to have someone receive packages or special mail while you're away. No problem.


4. Use a virtual assistant by the hour or day. How would you like to have a private secretary for a few hours a week to do much needed extra work for you? You can have one without the cost of hiring an employee.


5. Need a small workspace 10 hours per week? Need a conference room on Friday afternoon? Need a bigger office for one day this month? With the right company and the flexibility you need a virtual laptop lounge is a great modern way to do business at a fraction of the overhead.


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