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Want to Skip Your Long Commute? Consider Co-working

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Want to Skip Your Long Commute? Consider Co-working | 580 Executive CenterHaving a long drive from time to time can be fun. You can catch up on the latest podcasts or listen to an audiobook. But, having a long drive every morning and every evening just to get to your job and back home can become exhausting. You end up sacrificing so much of your time when you have a long commute. If you are fed up will your long morning and evening commute, consider co-working. Co-working is a great alternative to making the trek to the office every single day.


Find a co-working space close to home


Finding a co-working space close to home will allow you to spend less time driving and more time on more important tasks. You can get a little extra sleep, start working earlier, or use the found time to create a positive habit such as working out. Cutting out your long morning commute in favor of going to a co-working space that is close by can also help you start the day in a better frame of mind. Choosing a co-working space close to home will allow you to get your work done without wasting time in the car.


Skip rush hour by setting your own office hours


There are few things more frustrating than being stuck in traffic at the end of a long work day when all you really want to do is be home. Everyone around you is in the same boat but that doesn’t make the frustration go away. You can skip rush hour by tapping into the flexibility provided by choosing to work in a co-working space. In a co-working setting, you can set your own office hours and avoid issues like rush hour. You do not have to adhere to a traditional schedule when you are not working in a traditional office.


Enjoy the flexibility of around-the-clock access


When you join a co-working space, you have access to it around the clock. This means that you can set your own office hours based off of your preferences and natural energy. If you like to get an early start you can skip the morning and evening rush hour by working six to three. Or, if you are a night owl, you can start your day in the afternoon and work into the evening. Co-working spaces provide you with around-the-clock access which means that you do not have to work on someone else’s schedule. You do not have to wait for someone to open the door or make sure you leave before the person with the key is done for the day. Co-working provides the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing how you work.


Co-working can provide you with an alternative to the traditional trap of driving to work in traffic each morning and driving back home in traffic each night. If you can find a co-working space close to home you can avoid the commute and design a schedule that works for you.

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