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Virtual Office Space in the Bay Area: How to Choose an Address

Posted on Sep 25, 2014 3:14:18 PM by Ryan Ring

Virtual Office Space in the Bay Area: How to Choose an Address | 580 Executive CenterThe Bay Area is full of office buildings and skyscrapers, spanning from San Jose to Napa. It’s a diverse and vibrant area brimming with people and business opportunities. So why wouldn’t you want to have your business located here?


The same goes for virtual office space. The Bay Area is just as excellent a choice for a virtual office as a full-time one. But how do you determine where to stake your virtual claim? Here are some tips on how to choose the best Bay Area address for you.


The “Wow” factor


If you need to meet with clients at your virtual office, it may behoove you to impress them. In some industries, appearances mean everything, and what gives a better appearance than a 49th floor office in a San Francisco high-rise? If you want to leave an impact on your clients, then a skyscraper office is for you.


However, keep in mind that the premium location does come with a premium price.




Have you ever had to drive out of San Jose at 5p.m.? The traffic can be a nightmare. If you live in the East Bay but have a virtual office in San Jose, it’s going to be extremely inconvenient to get there if need be. And if you choose a spot in downtown Oakland or San Francisco, parking is tough to find and/or costly.


If you opt for a more suburban location, you can find yourself in a nice, open business park with plenty of parking available. The traffic can also be considerably lighter. And unless you need to regularly meet with clients in one of the Bay Area’s major cities, or live in one of those cities, it makes more sense to use a suburban virtual office closer to where you live.


Also, if you’re going to use the business address for your mail, it would be better to have your address at an easily accessible location; otherwise you may be end up checking your mail sparingly to avoid the hassle.




As the old saying goes, what are the top three factors when it comes to real estate? Location, location, location. Location means everything when it comes to your address, and it is the biggest determinant of the price of your virtual office rental. An urban location in Downtown Oakland is going to cost significantly more than a suburban location in Dublin. So if you want to save some money on your virtual office rental, avoid the marquee location and choose functionality over fanciness.


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