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Tired of Working from home? Consider a Coworking Space Near You

Posted on Nov 27, 2017 12:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

shutterstock_722918890.pngWorking from home can sound like a dream. It might seem like waking up and getting to work in your pj’s, sitting at your own kitchen table with your pets and children in ears reach would be great. Anyone who hasn’t tried to work from home might think this is a perfect situation. However, give it a week and you’ll see that it’s not always as good as it seems. Although most people love being home, it’s not the ideal environment to get work done. There are so many distractions, not to mention that comfy bed in your room, beckoning you to take a “power nap”. The shows you recorded last night are calling your name, and it can be hard to resist them. With all of these disruptions, it can be really difficult to get any work done. With a coworking space, you rid yourself of all these distractions and can get down to work. Here are some other benefits to working from a coworking space.


As I mentioned before, reducing distractions can be a huge productivity booster. Another factor that can help you get things done during your work hours at a coworking space is the resources. High-speed WiFi, printers, coffee and personal phone booths are all available through shared working spaces. Having all of these supplies at your fingertips can help you get things done much faster, and open up time for you to get even more projects taken care of.

Professional Setting

Working from home can set you up for a major issue: what to do when clients want to meet with you. You can invite them over to your house, but even if you have a wonderful looking home, this might not be a good option. It can give off the vibe that you don’t take your work seriously, or are not as committed as others. No matter how hard you work, it can be hard for clients to see that when you’re meeting at your dining room table. Sometimes, people who work from home set up meetings at coffee shops. The noise level alone can prove to be a problem when you’re trying to conduct a meeting. Coworking spaces offer professional conference rooms with the screens and hookups that you need to make a proper presentation. Just the fact that you rent out a working space will show your clients that you are dedicated and committed to your work.


Another great benefit of working from a shared space is the opportunity to meet new people. As a business owner, you know that meeting the right person can be the fuel you need to move your company forward. Working in an environment where you are surrounded by motivated and professional people can provide you even more of a chance to meet the next life-changing employee, partner, or even investor.

Moving your business from home into a shared workspace might be just the bold move you need to make to take things to the next level. To read more about choosing the right co-working space, download our free eBook "What to Look For in a Co-working Space"

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