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Should I Trade My Home Office for a Co-Working Space?

Posted on Sep 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Should I Trade My Home Office for a Co-Working Space? | 580 Executive CenterFor many people, working from a home office is a dream come true. Unfortunately, after attaining that dream the difficulties that come along with working from home become extremely apparent. If you find yourself wondering if working from your home office is the best option, it may be time to consider a co-working space instead. A co-working space can help you separate your home life and work life, enjoy increased productivity, get the benefit of added perks, and take the opportunity to network with other professionals.


Separate your home life and work life

One of the biggest challenges that comes with working from a home office is mixing your home and work life. If you struggle to ignore your home to-do list when you need to work, it can negatively impact your productivity. In addition, if your family is at home when you need to work it can be difficult to ignore their presence and focus on the task at hand. These are normal struggles that most people who work from home deal with every day. Going to a co-working space can help you create separation between your home life and your work life. Co-working spaces provide flexibility and you can use the space when and how often you choose. Having access to a home office and co-working space can truly be the best of both worlds and help you find a healthy work/life balance.

Enjoy increased productivity

Productivity can suffer significantly when you work from a home office because of all of the potential distractions. You can use up precious energy and attention trying to ignore the things that need to get done inside your home. Moving to a co-working space can eliminate those distractions and allow you to put your full attention on the work at hand. This change in scenery can help you enjoy increased productivity.

Get the benefit of added perks

Many co-working spaces like 580 Executive Suites provide added perks that make the space more comfortable to work in. Conveniences like an espresso bar, upscale kitchen, and breakout areas provide some of the comforts of home – or your favorite coffee shop – without all of the distractions.


Take the opportunity to network with others

Co-working spaces can provide you with unique opportunities to network with others in a variety of industries. The design of co-working spaces makes it possible for a wide variety of professionals to come in and work. You can network with others you meet in the co-working space while on break and potentially make connections that will benefit you in your career. Working from home with not provide you with face-to-face networking opportunities.

It may be time to trade your home office for a co-working space if your work and productivity have started to suffer. The flexibility that co-working spaces provide means that you can still use your home office whenever conditions are favorable and move over to the co-working space when you need to focus and kick up your productivity level.

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