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Selecting a Virtual Office in Dublin: The Importance of Having Workspace Options

Posted on Jun 18, 2015 11:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


Where will your business be in 12 months from now? Will you need to expand? Will you have to hire an employee to help with the workload? If you are selecting a virtual office in Dublin it’s important to think about how your business will scale as business increases. A virtual office with multiple workspace options can give you more flexibility when it comes time to scale up.


Keep Scalability in Mind

Growth is the goal for every business – especially small startups – but it can be expensive. The right virtual office will provide an affordable way to rent a space that you can go to every day, no matter what size your business is.


When selecting a location for your business, it should have two things:

  • Coworking space rentals. This is ideal when your business consists of a founder and maybe one or two employees. You can rent individual desks, saving you money.
  • Traditional office rentals. As your team grows, it may need its own space. When this happens, a traditional office may be a better option. Ideally you would want to choose a virtual office that has different size office units, so you can start with a smaller one and work your way up.


Workspaces or offices of varying sizes will allow your business to grow while still remaining in the coworking space for the foreseeable future. This can mean the difference between having to rent an office building because you now have 5 employees or waiting until your team grows even larger.


Choosing the Right Virtual Office

Businesses do not want to change locations if they don’t have to, especially during their initial growth phase. Finding a space that works now and in the future will allow you to scale up your business with ease and avoid having to move to a whole new location a few months down the road.


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