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Northern California Coworking Space

Posted on Jul 11, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

northern-california-coworking-space.jpgHave you ever just needed some peace and quiet to get some work done? This is the whole reason libraries exist – so people could have somewhere quiet to study and read. But of course, working at the public library every day isn’t feasible. You could go to a coffee shop, but then you feel compelled to buy something, and how many consecutive hours can you sit in a Peet’s? When home isn’t the quietest place, this is the dilemma facing telecommuters.

Well, I’ve got great news: if you’ve been searching for that reliable and private place to work, we have the answer. It’s somewhere that will allow you to be productive, without forcing you to pay through the nose for it: coworking space.


  • What is a coworking space?

It’s best described as a giant office floor or newsroom – except you (probably) won’t know anyone in there. The coworking space is meant for busy professionals who need somewhere to get some work done. Telecommuters, writers, the self-employed, etc. It’s a large open floor plan, with spread out desks and a massive conference table in the center. You’ll be provided with dedicated desk space, as well as high speed internet access.

Additionally, we’ve added a full espresso bar, so that you can take a much-needed break or get a necessary caffeine fix.


  • Sounds nice, but what if I need privacy?

We can definitely handle that on an as-needed basis. If you need to meet with clients or business partners, we have private offices available. And when you have important phone calls, you can take advantage of our phone booths. These are spacious little booths, complete with seating and doors that shut. So your privacy and comfort will both be assured.


  • How can I learn more?

We’ve produced this short (but informative) YouTube video, which shows you the space and discusses the amenities a little more in-depth. You can also contact us anytime; we’re always happy to discuss our offerings with potential clients.


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