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Looking For a Coworking Space in the Bay Area? Make Sure to Consider Your Food Options

Posted on Aug 27, 2015 10:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Coworking Space Bay Area

 If you’re looking for a coworking space in the Bay Area, location is probably your top priority. Maybe you’re looking for convenient public transportation, or easy access to major cities. But what about food? Everyone has to eat, and it’s important to look for a coworking space that isn’t located in a “food desert.” Whether you’re scheduling lunch with a client or just need a break from your day, you need to have good food options nearby. If you are considering a coworking space in the East Bay, then there are plenty of great restaurants right here in Dublin.Denica’s Real Food Kitchen


Looking for a great place to grab breakfast, brunch or a sandwich? Denica’s Real Food Kitchen is the place to go. Located on Dougherty Road, Denica’s is a local favorite for breakfast. The restaurant serves up omelets, pancakes, cinnamon buns, cookies and more. Aside from lunch, you can also grab a wrap, burrito or a sandwich.


Khyber Pass Kabob


If you’re in the mood for Afghan cuisine, Khyber Pass Kabob is one of the best in town. Conveniently located on Village Pkwy, Khyber Pass Kabob is open for lunch and dinner, and serves up a variety of kabob dishes as well as mantoo, aushak, challow and more.




Amakara is one of the best-rated Japanese sushi bars in the Bay area. Located on Regional Street, Amakara is a popular casual lunch spot in Dublin. Locals recommend the Sweet and Spicy Unagi roll and grilled edamame.


Taqueria Los Pericos


In the mood for Mexican cuisine? Taqueria Los Pericos is the best place in Dublin. Also situated on Village Pkwy, Taqueria Los Pericos serves up burritos, carne asada and all of your favorite Mexican dishes with free chips and salsa.


When choosing a coworking space in the Bay Area, be sure to keep your food options in mind. With so many great restaurants in Dublin, you can easily avoid “food deserts” while still choosing a convenient, centralized location for your coworking space.


Image source: David Wall

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