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Is Renting Virtual Office Space Worth It?

Posted on Sep 6, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Is Renting Virtual Office Space Worth It | 580 Executive Center

Things have changed a ton this year across all industries. We're seeing so much more remote work throughout the business world, both for huge corporate companies and small businesses. You might be wondering if renting a virtual office space is right for your business going forward. Let's go over some of the benefits.


If you run a small business, or are the sole proprietor, the need for a full-time office space simply might not be a good investment. If most of your time is spent on-site at your storefront, at your favorite cafe, or in your home, why not rent an office space when you need it, and not pay for one when you don't. Virtual offices were created for situations just like this. They fill in the gap for unconventional businesses.


Virtual offices fulfill many roles for business owners. A few of them are:


A virtual receptionist


You may not have time to answer all the calls that come through your business, or you may not want to keep interrupting your work to answer the phone. Virtual office space rentals often include a receptionist. The virtual receptionist is just like any other receptionist: she answers your calls, takes messages, and can transfer phone calls to you (even if you’re not in the same building). The only difference is that instead of being a direct employee that you have to manage, the virtual receptionist works for the building you rent from. So you get all of the benefits, with none of the risk or paperwork.


A professional address


You probably don’t want to put your home address on your business cards: not only does it look unprofessional; it also means all official correspondence will come to your front door. With a virtual office rental, you can have a business address at your disposal where you can receive your mail. When clients look you up, they'll see a professional looking office building, which will help with your reputation. The building receptionist will be there for any important document or package deliveries so you never have to worry about them being signed for.


Space when you need it


Once in a while, home or the cafe just won't cut it. Maybe you need extra peace and quiet to focus on a project. Maybe you need a meeting space for your next in-person conference. Whatever the reason, a virtual office building can provide office space on an as-needed basis, so you can have an internet-connected, furnished workspace at your disposal. Some virtual offices even come with communal breakrooms.


When presenting for any important clients, a good virtual office will have furnished conference rooms with audio/visual equipment available for use.


All of these perks are great, but the main selling point for a virtual office, especially in this day and age is that it's much cheaper than a lease, and carries less risk. You can rent a virtual office on a monthly or even weekly basis: no long-term commitment required.


To get a more detailed look at all of the benefits virtual offices offer, download our free eBook "4 Reasons Why a Virtual Office is Perfect for a Home-Based Company".


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