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I Have a Business in San Francisco, Should I Try a Coworking Space?

Posted on Jul 24, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

coworkingg.jpgMany people recognize the advantages of a coworking space. Especially in San Francisco, where rents are astronomical, a less expensive coworking space seems like the answer to the question, “How can my business cut its spending?”.  Whether you’re expanding or downsizing, have one employee, or a dozen, a coworking space is something every business owner should consider.

You get to keep your SF address 

Imagine bringing your clients to a high-rise in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You’ll be able to “wow” them as you show off views of the bay while in an office situated in the heart of SF.

Also, If you’re in B2B sales, you need great access to clients and potential clients.

Cheap(er) rent

Have you tried pricing office space in the city? If so, It’ll come as no surprise that San Francisco is expensive. Coworking spaces offer you a professional office setting, without forcing you to sell off everything you own.

If you have more than a couple people that you’d like to work in an office, it pays to price the coworking spaces in SF.


Your office is where you work. Home is where you relax


Some people find it hard to work from home due to the many distractions that our houses have. If you’re business is new, or you’ve been working from home up until this time, a coworking space may be the answer, especially if you’re easily distracted.

When were at home, there are dishes to be done, dinner to be made, and Netflix to watch. A person who works from home has to contend with all these distractions, and maybe more if you have kids or a spouse at home.

A coworking space is just that: people working together. You’re more apt to want to work when everyone else has their nose to the grindstone.

Also, an office (no matter if it’s traditional or coworking) offers a different and much better view than all the laundry you have piling up.

Consider moving to another city 

Do you live in the Bay Area, but not SF? There are options for you if you don’t want to commute into the city, but still, need a professional office setting. We at 580 executive suites have spaces to rent from Sunnyvale to Dublin; we have you covered.


If you want to keep your business situated in San Francisco, a coworking space may be for you. If you’re curious and want to learn more, feel free to contact us for a tour.  We’re here to answer your questions, and help you pick out the right workspace for you – whether that’s in San Francisco, or somewhere else.

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