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How Virtual Offices Can Be A Huge Growth Booster For Startups

Posted on Sep 20, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

How Virtual Offices Can Be A Huge Growth Booster For Startups | 580 Executive CenterStartups often have a small staff with just the necessary employees, a strict budget and might not even have a designated office yet. 


Because of the huge boom in startups and small businesses in the past decade, virtual offices were created. If you’re not familiar with virtual offices, they function very much like full-time office space – except on a part-time basis.


Here are some of the ways a virtual office is a perfect fit for a lot of startups:


Heighten your reputation


One of the struggles that many startups have initially is finding clients to work with them because being so new to the game can seem unprofessional. As mentioned before, you might not have an office space yet and it's important to consider how will that make you look to potential clients or business partners. However, this isn't enough of a reason to lease a full-time office. This is one area where a virtual office can fill the gap.


Virtual office buildings regularly have conference room space available available for rent, and they come fully equipped and ready for you to use for important presentations and meetings. These conference rooms are available to rent on an hourly basis, or if you’re already a virtual office renter, conference rooms might even be available at no additional cost. Be sure to ask about this when you reach out to a rep.


Rental terms that fit your needs

There are different  virtual office packages to choose from, depending on the length of stay you'd like to commit to. Startups often like to work on shorter terms since unexpected growth calls for changes and readjustments as time goes on. This is another reason they work perfectly with virtual offices. You should be able to make the terms and lease work for your business.


Instantly gain a proper business address


As we said previously, many startups begin in the owner's home, and while that might provide the ultimate convenience, as your business grows, the need for a business address becomes more and more pressing. Having all your correspondence and packages come to your home address can be a bit of a security risk, not to mention how it looks to clients when they Google you.

With a virtual office, your business address will show a professional looking building, adding instant credibility to any potential clients. And many virtual office lenders provide 24-hour access and a receptionist to receive packages and mail.


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