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How to Tell if You Need a Coworking Space or a Traditional Office Space in Dublin

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 10:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Office Space in Dublin

 Can’t decide if you need a coworking space or traditional office space in Dublin? Each office type has its own benefits and will suit every professional differently. If you thrive in a quiet environment where you can concentrate on your work without a friendly “hello” from someone walking by, a traditional space may be beneficial.

Those that like to bounce ideas off of others or need that 10 minute chat with someone to get their mind off of a nagging work-related problem, often find solace in coworking spaces.


The Benefits of Coworking Spaces


The coworking movement is on the rise, with more and more people choosing to work in a coworking space rather than a home office. These spaces offer:

  • A social atmosphere
  • A dedicated workspace
  • Reduced rates from a traditional office


It’s a way to obtain the entrepreneurial feel without having to work from home every day of the week. You’ll also be able to meet like-minded people, network and make friends. Prices are often far less expensive than a traditional office space.


The Benefits of Traditional Office Space


Traditional office spaces allow certain personality types to excel. A traditional space offers:

  • A quiet space that is easier to concentrate.
  • A formal office where you can leave your desktop and items, rather than transport them.


The one downside of a traditional office space is that they’re often more costly than their coworking counterparts. For startups on a strict budget, this often tightens budgets or puts a traditional office out of reach.


There is an alternative to choosing coworking over traditional office space. Some locations offer the benefit of office suite options in addition to coworking. This allows a business to easily scale up from a coworking space to an office suite when the time comes, maximizing on flexibility as the business continues to grow. 


Image source: Rex Roof

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