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How to Know Which Components of a Virtual Office Your Business Needs

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 10:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


The components of a virtual office become more attractive as your business grows. The main selling point of a virtual office is that you get all of the perks of a formal office in an a la carte solution that fits into your budget.

There are three different components of a virtual office that your business may or may not need right now.


Virtual Receptionist

If your business naturally gets a lot of calls, then it may make sense to utilize a virtual receptionist. They can answer the phone while you are on the other line or let callers know that you have left of the day, creating a better experience for the caller than just going straight to voicemail. If you aren’t getting a lot of calls, at least not yet, then it may make sense to hold off on this service.

However, you also need to factor in the type of image that your business is trying to portray. If you are trying to create a more customer service focused company, for example, then consider hiring a virtual receptionist sooner rather than later.


Conference Room

A conference room is great when meeting clients and allows you to meet with clients or partners in a professional environment. Some virtual offices can factor in conference room usage into their monthly fee, while others simply charge per hour. If your business is just starting out and you aren’t consistently getting new clients, then it probably better to go with the per hour option.


Mailing Address

Small businesses often use their home as their office. This can lead to clients coming to the home unexpectedly and doesn’t provide the professional, office-based look that most businesses desire.


A mailing address separates the business owner from their home address. They provide a professional image for your business and often can even recieve packages on your behalf.


Your business can benefit greatly from a virtual office. Not only are virtual offices more professional in nature, they are also less expensive than renting a physical office.


Image Source: Channy Yun