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How Much Does a Virtual Business Address Cost?

Posted on Nov 11, 2014 3:43:55 PM by Ryan Ring

how-much-does-virtual-business-address-costIf you’re looking to invest in a virtual business address, there are many factors to consider. Where should your virtual office be? What services do you require? But perhaps the most relevant question to you is, how much will a virtual business address cost?


The answer: it depends.


Sorry that there isn’t a reliable, indisputable answer to that question, but it really does depend on multiple factors. Here are some of the things that can help you determine how much your perfect virtual office is going to cost:


Services available


If you don’t know much about virtual offices, you may think they are just about temporary office space. But a virtual office can be so much more than that (for an additional price). If you’re looking for just a virtual address – somewhere you can use as your business address and where you can receive mail – that will definitely be the cheapest option. You can have virtual mail service for as little as $49 per month if you choose a suburban location; if you want a business address in a big city, be prepared to pay more than double that (around $120 per month).


Amount of time the facilities are used


If you want actual office space, that will also cost more, and the price increases based on the amount of time you want to spend in that office. If you just need an occasional place to get your team together, maybe a couple of days a month, those packages will be much cheaper than a regular work space.


Additionally, if you sparingly need access to a conference room, a virtual office building can make that happen on an as-needed basis. For example, you can rent out conference rooms on an hourly basis, for as low as $45 an hour. If you already rent out virtual office space in a building, it’s possible you can use the conference rooms there without an additional cost.




As with all real estate, location is one of the biggest factors in the price of your virtual office. If you choose a location in a smaller city (for example, Pleasanton, which has virtual office space in the $220 range) you will pay a much cheaper rate than a metropolitan location, like downtown San Jose, which can easily be in the $250-300 range.


If you want to save some money, take time to consider if you really need a location in a major city. A suburban location can give you all of the same amenities and services as a big city location, but at a much lower cost.


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