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How Introverts And Extroverts Both Thrive In Coworking Spaces

Posted on Jun 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

How Introverts And Extroverts Both Thrive In Coworking Spaces | 580 Executive Center


Working in a coworking space is an interesting choice. Anyone who has the freedom to work from anywhere, and chooses a coworking space must be serious about their work, but also open minded to finding new ways to approach things. Walking into a coworking space, you’ll find many different types of people, from all different industries with various job positions, but they’re all there for one reason: to get work done. This is a great environment to get all kinds of work done. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, you can thrive in a coworking space due to the assortment of designated areas made available. Let’s go over how the two types of people might benefit from coworking.


Extroverted people might not be as excited to make the transition into working remotely. Maybe they were working from a large office before, and they’ve decided to branch out into running their own business. They might be excited about their new business, but miss the company of their coworkers. For these types of people, there are obvious benefits to working from a coworking space. The networking here is unbeatable, because there is such a wide variety of people that come in and out of the office every day. Extroverts flourish when they feel the busy energy of other people around them, and that’s just what a coworking space can provide.


The struggle of an introvert working remotely can be hard to relate to if you’re not in their shoes. Although working from home might seem like the ideal situation for someone who’s more shy, and it very well can be, it can have its pitfalls. An introverted person’s home is very important to them, and it should be a place where they feel relaxed and comfortable. It can be hard for an introvert to use their comfy little sanctuary as a workspace without losing some motivation. Coworking spaces understand that while introverted people might not want to sit in the open seating portion of the space and chat all day, it can be beneficial for them to have an office space that they come to when they need to get work done. That’s why there are sections of coworking spaces designed to be secluded and quiet. Sit down amongst your fellow introverts and knock some tasks off of your to-do list and you can spend the night binging movies without feeling like you’ve been alone at home for a week straight.

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