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How Coworking Can Inspire and Motivate You

Posted on Jan 8, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Shared spaces can push you and your ideas forward | 580 Executive CenterAnyone who has ever worked in a cubicle knows the feeling. You come into work on a Monday and sit down with the same cup of coffee, face the same grey walls, and get started on a cookie cutter day that would look identical on paper to the other 300 or so days you’ll work this year. You’re expected to come into work and stay motivated, stay inspired, but this can be difficult when your workspace is boring and drab. One of the main benefits of switching over to a coworking space for many people has been an increase in productivity. This is due to the many aspects of coworking that encourage innovation and drive. Here are the some of the most effective ways coworking will help push you and your business forward.


One great perk of working out of a shared workspace is the networking opportunities you’re presented with. Networking is an essential part of almost any career. It’s especially important for small business owners, since you never know how the next person who you come in contact with can help you improve or support your company. Coworking spaces have secluded areas where you’ll be able to focus on whatever task you’re working on, however, there are also many open work spaces. These open areas encourage conversation and collaboration. The ideas and discussions that you take part of at a coworking space are unique because the people who filter in and out day by day are from all different walks of life and areas of expertise.

Layout and Decor

It’s interesting how much more work we can get done when we’re in an environment that feels uniquely designed. Sitting in a grey cube can make it difficult for creative people to come up with their best ideas, or think outside the box (no pun intended) in any way. On the other hand, working from home can make you a little too comfortable to get any work done. A good coworking space will be decorated and laid out in a way that will allow you to move around and think in innovative ways, without being distracted. There’s a balance workspaces need to find between comfort and motivation, and any good coworking space will make it a priority to walk that line.

A Dedicated Space

Not everyone comes from a background of 9-5 jobs and grey walled cubicles. Some people who own small businesses work from home. While this might seem like an ideal situation to someone who hasn’t ever tried working from home, anyone who has attempted it knows the pitfalls. In short, it can be difficult to find motivation on the same couch where you’ll be in lounging and binge watching Netflix in just a few hours. Working at a coworking space solves that issue. You’d be surprised at how much more work you get done when you set a time to get up every day, put on a fresh outfit and head out to a space that you only ever go to with the intention of getting work done. Coworking spaces are dedicated spaces with no distractions, so that you can binge watch from your couch guilt-free while you reflect on how much you accomplished earlier.

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