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How Can I Find a Virtual Office that I can Afford?

Posted on Dec 8, 2014 10:23:49 AM by Ryan Ring

virtual-office-i-can-affordVirtual offices are a great convenience that are now available all over the country, and with that increased availability comes increased affordability. Virtual office companies are competing for your business, and you can reap the benefits if you know how to be selective. Here are a few tips for getting a cheap virtual office.


What services matter to you


A virtual office can be whatever you need it to be, from a fully functioning workspace and meeting place, to just a virtual business address and a mailbox. Do you want a virtual receptionist to handle your calls and sign for your packages? Is it important for you to have a furnished office at your disposal? What you need out of your virtual office is going to play a huge role in the price. The more limited the features, the cheaper the price is going to be.


Location Location Location


Just like real estate, location is a huge factor when it comes to selecting a virtual office. Looking for an office on the 25th floor of a high rise in downtown Oakland? It’s going to cost you. But if you’re just looking for quality office space in a nice building, there are much more affordable options in suburban communities. Look toward smaller communities to save money; they can offer you all of the amenities and features of a swanky urban office at a fraction of the cost. All you’ll be missing is the marquee location. If functionality is what matters most, a smaller community is the way to go.


Time is on your side


The amount of time you need in a virtual office space is critical when determining cost. Virtual offices can be rented by the month, the week, the day – heck, even by the hour! Different virtual offices have different rental lengths, but whatever your time needs are, there’s a virtual office for you. And renting a conference room for a few hours can be much cheaper than reserving a virtual office for a whole month. Determine how long you need the space, and you can save yourself a lot of money in the process.


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