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Four Things to Look for in a Co-Working Space

Posted on Oct 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Four Things to Look for in a Co-Working Space | 580 Executive CenterAs more people spend time working remotely there is an increased demand for co-working spaces. In order to meet that demand, more co-working spaces are being opened all the time. But the things that each co-working space offers can vary significantly. You can find a co-working space that meets all of your needs and even provides you with perks that you didn’t know you needed. Things to keep an eye out for as you search for a co-working space include a professional environment, access to a break area, availability of dedicated work areas, and access to conference rooms.

Professional environment

You will find a vast array of options when you look at the environments of different co-working spaces. Some are set up like a college dorm lobby complete with overstuffed chairs and Ping-Pong tables. Others provide a sparse environment with only the basics - tables and chairs. In between these two extremes are co-working spaces that provide a professional and comfortable work environment. You may be drawn to a certain option because of your personality. The important question to ask about the environment of the co-working space you are considering is whether you will be productive in it. The main goal of becoming part of a co-working space is to get your work done.


Access to break area

You are going to spend a significant amount of time in the co-working space you choose so it is also important to consider the type of break area each place provides. Everyone needs to step away from their work and take a break from time to time. A co-working space that provides a dedicated break area will allow you to step away for a few minutes without needing to actually leave the building. Some co-working spaces provide breakout areas that include comfortable seating as well as access to coffee and snacks.


Availability of dedicated work areas

Co-working is a great option in many situations but there may be times when you want or need a dedicated space to work. If you think you will need a dedicated or private area to work from time to time, then consider that as you tour co-working spaces. There are some co-working spaces that allow you to rent out a dedicated desk or executive suite monthly or on an as-needed basis.


Access to conference rooms

Some co-working spaces also provide members with access to conference rooms when needed. If you ever meet with multiple clients at once or hold team meetings then you need to consider how and where you will hold those meetings. A co-working space that includes access to a conference room will allow you to have meetings as needed without investing in a traditional office lease.

It is possible to find a co-working space that offers all of the elements mentioned above – and more. The co-working space you choose will have a direct impact on your productivity so it is important to choose carefully. If you are near the San Francisco Bay area, schedule a time to tour the facilities of 580 Executive Suites to see an example of a well-designed co-working space.

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