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Explore Everything a Virtual Office Has to Offer

Posted on Mar 1, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Explore Everything a Virtual Office Has to Offer | 580 Executive CenterAre you exploring the idea of getting a virtual office? If so, you likely want to know about everything that a virtual office has to offer. It is a unique concept that many people are not familiar with until they start exploring options for working outside of the traditional setup. Much of what a virtual office has to offer falls into three broad categories: professional address, mail services, and phone services. Within each category there are several customizable options to help you transition from working in a physical office to using a virtual office and working remotely.


Professional building as business address

When you leave your physical office to work from home there will still be times when you need to have an address for your business. It is not safe or professional to put your personal address out there as your business address. People will be confused if they search for your business and see a residential area pop up online. A virtual office will provide you with a physical address that is in a professional area and building. This does a few important things. It keeps your personal address private, it helps your business look professional online, and it gives you the ability to rank for local SEO.


Mail services

You can also use the physical address provided by the virtual office for mail. Some virtual office providers – like 580 Executive Center – offer comprehensive mail services. You can have your mail delivered to the address and get a notification that you have mail and information about the sender. In addition, you can set it up so the mail gets forwarded to your home if needed. This design allows you to get your work-related mail without revealing your personal address.


Phone services

Professional phone services are another benefit of choosing to work with a virtual office. As with your personal address, you may want to keep your personal phone number private. However, it is usually necessary to have some way for clients to get in touch. You can get help with this and other phone services through a virtual office. For example, at 580 Executive Center you can get a local number for your business with an app that enables you to make and receive calls from anywhere with your mobile device. You can use your personal device for business purposes but protect your personal number. You can set up custom time conditions and do not disturb with this system. If you want, you can make calls go directly to your voicemail. There are multiple phone service options that can be customized to your needs.

The services that are available through a virtual office are designed to help you run your business in a professional manner even if you work exclusively from home. You can learn more about having a virtual office and even look at pricing on the 580 Executive Center website.

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