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Coworking Space Etiquette: 3 Things You Should Never Do

Posted on May 4, 2015 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


If you’re new to the coworking movement, you may be unfamiliar with the culture and proper etiquette for working in a collaborative space. Like any other work environment, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. Here are three things that you should never do in a coworking space:


1. Never Ignore Your Neighbors

If you prefer to work in solitude, you may be better off working at home. A coworking space gives you the opportunity to be friendly and social with your neighbors. While you shouldn’t interrupt your neighbor’s workflow, you should, in the very least, say hello. And who knows – your new neighbor may just help you find a solution to a problem you’ve been working on. If not, breaking the ice and saying hello will make the workspace a little more comfortable and inviting for everyone.


2. Never Needlessly Take Over the Conference Room

Some people or businesses are going to need to use the conference room more often than others. However, frequently hogging it can come off as a little rude. Make sure that you aren’t:

  • Constantly booking the conference room, then cancelling on the day of the reservation
  • Constantly requesting the conference room at the last minute
  • Constantly booking the conference room for non-business activities, such as lunch


3. Never Be a Loner

Coworking culture is all about socializing with your neighbors. In doing so, you gain a unique opportunity to learn about other projects, products and ideas. If you keep to yourself and rarely socialize, you’ll miss out on networking and learning opportunities that could benefit you in the future. Show interest in what your neighbors are working on and start conversing with them.


Image Source: Christian Heilmann

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