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Compare Leasing a Traditional Office to Using a Virtual Office

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Compare Leasing a Traditional Office to Using a Virtual Office | 580 Executive CenterAre you debating between the options of leasing a traditional office and using a virtual office? Does the fact that your current lease is coming to an end have you thinking about your options? There are some major differences between leasing a traditional office and using a virtual office. However, there are also a number of important similarities. The answer to the question ‘which one is right for me?’ will depend on which one provides all of the things you want and need.


Leasing a traditional office

Leasing an office is a familiar way to do business. Going to the office each morning is something that millions of people across the US do every day. Leasing an office typically involves a multi-year lease that locks you in to that location. In addition, leasing an office often includes other expenses such as furnishing the space. You can have staff in the office to help with various tasks. And, it can be nice to have a place to go that is dedicated solely to your work.


Using a virtual office

A virtual office is designed around the concept of working remotely. You work from anywhere and set up a virtual office package to enjoy some of the services you need that typically come with a traditional office. For example, most businesses need a physical address for online listings, mail, and to stay compliant with rules related to email marketing. A virtual office package can provide you with a professional physical address to meet all of those needs. You can also get services that allow you to receive mail at the address, have that mail forwarded, and even have someone who will take phone messages. There is not a long-term commitment when you choose a virtual office and the costs are much lower than leasing a traditional office.


Which option is best?

The best option between leasing a traditional office and using a virtual office is the option that meets your needs. Is there an element of your business that absolutely cannot be handled remotely? Do you need to maintain a traditional office space to complete that aspect of your job? If so, then the only option for you is a traditional office. If you can do your work remotely and are looking for ways to save money then a virtual office may be just the thing you need.

It can be difficult to imagine moving from a traditional office to a virtual office. However, the long list of benefits and cost savings that come with working remotely is often enough to inspire business owners to make the change. If you are considering trading your traditional office lease for a virtual office, get in touch with the staff at 580 Executive Center today.

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