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Choosing Virtual Offices in Dublin: Why It’s All About a Personality

Posted on May 11, 2015 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring


When it comes to virtual offices in Dublin, location, amenities, and looks are all certainly important. They’re not the only things that you should consider, however. Finding a place with personality can be important too. It’s one of the things that truly distinguishes one virtual office from another.

This is what we mean when we talk about personality:


Friendliness of the Staff

Is the staff genuinely friendly? Remember, you’ll be interacting with the staff often through email, phone and sometimes, in person. A friendly, helpful staff will ensure your questions and any issues you have are resolved quickly and efficiently.

You also need to take into account the fact that your clients and potential clients will be interacting with the staff. A friendly, warm staff can leave a good impression and reflect well on your business.


A Sense of Community

An office shouldn’t simply be a place where people work – it should be a community. Having a sense of community creates a positive work environment and ultimately helps to increase productivity. It can also create networking opportunities as well. Some virtual offices in Dublin focus on creating a sense of comradery between tenants, while others fail to make it a priority.


The Virtual Office’s Core Philosophy

What’s the virtual office’s core philosophy? In other words, what types of businesses are they trying to attract? What is their niche? These are important things to consider because an office that attracts like-minded people and businesses will likely be a better fit. If the office caters to businesses in your industry or niche, they’re more likely to share the same values as your company.

The bottom line? A virtual office may have an attractive location and great amenities, but if it doesn’t have the right personality, it may not be right for your organization. The friendliness of the staff, the businesses the office attracts, and its ability to create a sense of community are all important things to consider. If they’re not in line with your business’s mission and values, they may not be the right fit for you.


Image Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture