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Can I Use a Virtual Business Address for a Google Search?

Posted on Oct 30, 2014 1:36:31 PM by Ryan Ring

virtual-business-address-google-searchOne of the many benefits of a virtual office is the address it provides you. Instead of using your personal home address or a PO box for business mail, a virtual office allows you to have an address at an office building where you can receive mail and packages.


Another benefit of this address is the ability to have it associated with your name in a Google search. Business addresses regularly show up in Google search when someone searches for a business or a business owner’s name, usually in the form of a Google Places result.


Google Places results will include an address and phone number for the business, and occupy the top part of the search results page. When conducting a mobile search, the Google Places result will also include a “call” link, which will allow a mobile user to call the business with one click. This is crucial: According to a recent Google study, 70 percent of mobile users have used the “click to call” feature after conducting a business search.


So not only does the Google search result lend legitimacy to your business, it also helps prospective clients and business partners locate you and get in touch.


Considering the low cost of a virtual office in comparison to leasing an office full-time, the ROI is tremendous when you factor in the value of inclusion into Google Places. Investing in a virtual business address is a sound business decision if you work from home or anywhere for that matter.


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