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Can I Have a Virtual Office in California if I live on the East Coast?

Posted on Oct 9, 2014 9:40:32 AM by Ryan Ring

virtual-office-in-californiaIf you’re running a business on the East Coast, you may feel like your client base is limited to your geographic region. You’d probably love to expand, but if your business is small or relatively new, you might not have the financial ability to open a branch office.


But you can get the next best thing: a virtual office.


In the digital age, with so much telecommuting and connectivity, virtual offices have sprung up allow over the country. They’re basically a part-time office: rent out a virtual office for as long as you need it, and pay just a fraction of what a full-time lease will cost you.


Virtual office packages are meant for renters just like you: people who only need an office sparingly. But even if you don’t use the office regularly, you’ll still get access to the office address full-time: you can have mail sent there and even list it on your website or business cards.


And virtual offices come equipped with virtual receptionists, who function just like a regular receptionist: they’ll always be available during business hours to handle your calls, and can forward them to you when needed – even if you’re states away.


When you rent a virtual office package, you can be sure that whenever your business dealings bring you out to the West Coast, you can have the office waiting for you. Your private office will come equipped with phone lines and internet connectivity, so all you have to do is bring a laptop and get to work.


And if you need to meet with clients while on the West Coast, virtual office buildings often have conference room space available. Some buildings even come with multiple conference rooms of different sizes, and you can rent them on an hourly basis as-needed.


Virtual office lenders understand that they aren’t providing full-time solutions, so their terms are flexible. You can rent virtual offices for terms as short as a month or week at a time. So if the virtual office solution isn’t right for you, it won’t cost you much money or effort to move on.


Your business might not be able to expand into a truly nationwide company just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a presence on both coasts. With a virtual office rental, you will expand your operations for a reasonable price, without a binding long-term commitment.


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