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Benefits of Using a Co-Working Space Instead of an Office

Posted on Oct 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

Benefits of Using a Co-Working Space Instead of an Office | 580 Executive CenterMore and more people are beginning to become familiarized with the concept of using a co-working space. The most basic definition of the concept is that a co-working space is a shared area where various professionals go to work. It is not a difficult concept to understand but some people struggle to see the benefits of using a co-working space instead of an office. Choosing a co-working space over a traditional office lease provides more flexibility, cost savings, and access to a list of desirable perks.


The flexibility that a co-working space provides is one of the main elements that attracts people to the concept. If you decide to go out and lease a traditional office, you are locked into that lease for a year or multiple years. That can tie you down to a specific area and lease payment. If you have a business that is changing and growing quickly you may not be ready to commit to a certain area or size of office. A co-working space can give you the flexibility to make decisions based on the needs of your business and not on the constraints of your office space.


Cost savings

Another benefit of using a co-working space instead of an office is cost savings. Co-working spaces are often significantly less expensive than renting out a traditional office space. You also avoid the initial startup costs of getting an office when you choose a co-working space. When you move into a traditional office space you will have to spend money on furnishing the space and may also need to pay for some of the buildout. Other costs such as internet are your responsibility when you lease an office. You do not have to worry about any of those elements when you choose co-working instead of a traditional office.


Access to perks

Many co-working spaces provide members with fun perks such as coffee, snacks, and access to a kitchen area. At 580 Executive Center you have access to all of the perks mentioned above as well as to a comfortable breakout area with couches, dining tables and more. These perks are small elements that can make a big difference in your experience throughout the workday.


Using a co-working space instead of a traditional office can benefit people in a wide range of situations. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and those who travel frequently all need space to work from time to time but do not necessarily need a dedicated office space. If you want flexibility, minimal cost, and access to convenient perks while you work then you should look into the option of a co-working space. In Dublin, CA 580 Executive Suites has over 5000 sq. ft. of co-working space available where you can get your work done without dealing with the strings that come with leasing a traditional offices.

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