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Are There Drawbacks of Sharing Office Space vs. a Personal Office?

Posted on Mar 13, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

are-there-drawbacks.jpgYou’ve heard all about sharing an office space. You probably know people who currently rent a shared office space, and share that space with other people, who may or may not work for the same company. You currently have a personal office. Or maybe you work from your home. Or maybe you’re unsure about which option is best for you, the shared office space, or the personal office.
No matter your situation, we’re here to take the guesswork out of choosing an office space, or a personal office.

  • What is a shared office space?

A shared office space, or a co-working space, is an office that is shared by professionals. These professionals may or may not work for the same company. The people working in a shared office space, share the office, the amenities, and everything else. They may even share work efforts by collaborating on ideas and sharing their experiences with others.


  • What are some pros?


Lonely no more
Sometimes, working by yourself can get lonesome. Even the most anti-social person sometimes needs a person around to talk to.
When you share an office space, you get the chance to collaborate with like-minded, professional, and creative people every day. If the thought of working from home, alone, every day depresses you, you may want to consider a shared office space.
With a shared space, you can network and collaborate with people who you may not have ever met otherwise. Bonus if these people can help fill holes in your team by offering up their services.
Companies that offer shared working offices should offer you amenities. At the very least, you need reliable, high-speed internet, and your own desk space. Aside from that, the shared office should offer you some of the following:
Private phone booths
Gourmet coffee
Private meeting rooms
Conference calling

While this isn’t a definitive list of what you should expect, it is a good start.


Cost savings
When you share an office space, you share everything. Desks, phones, even the coffee. You cut costs because you’re not the one buying the desks, the phones, the coffee. You don’t even have to worry about a fax. Any shared office space worth renting will supply one.
Less hassle
If you work in a shared space, it’s no longer your responsibility to hire a cleaning service, make sure the lights are off, and all the other little things that owning an office entails. Imagine, someone else being in charge of replenishing the toilet paper! This is the dream that a shared office space makes into a reality.
More professional
Imagine you need to have a client come to your office. Which looks more professional, a home office, or a shared office? Probably the latter, unless your personal office includes some of the amenities above.

  • What are some cons?

What amenities?
Amenities may be lacking. If you have to bring your laptop, use your own phone, and walk down the street to a fax something, you may as well be in a coffee shop. They don’t tend to offer laptops or phone and fax services either. If the office space is further away than an office may be, you may find yourself spending more time at home than at your rented office. Look for an office space that doesn’t involve a long commute to make it worth your money.
Privacy may be an issue
The number one thing your company should be concerned about is protecting your assets. While a shared office space is great for collaboration, it could be dangerous if you don’t trust the people in you’re sharing it with. Is there a tenant that always seems to lurk when you’re dealing with private business? If all of the people in your workspace aren’t from the same company, it’s possible the info on your computer screen isn’t secure.


  • To sum up

A shared office space has a fair share of both pros and cons. However, there are enough potential benefits to make it worth considering before you sign a long-term lease in your office. Why not contact us at 580 Executive Center and see if shared spaces are right for you.
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