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Should You Utilize A Coworking Space If You Work Remotely?

If you’ve just landed a new job which allows you to work remotely, congratulations! You’re joining the ranks of a growing trend in the American workforce. You’re probably also the envy of lots of people you know who are still stuck in their cubicle-based jobs, wishing they could be as fortunate as you, working from the comfort of your own home. Take it from someone who spends a fair amount of time working at home: it’s not always as comfortable as one might hope.

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Why Co-working Spaces Promote A Healthy Work-Life Balance

There’s no doubt about it. Work can be stressful. Americans are working longer hours, in fast-paced, high pressure environments. Many of us look to break out of our cubicles, and work in a setting in which we feel more comfortable. This leads some people to look for jobs in which they can work remotely. Others leave the corporate world completely, preferring to function as freelancers, or starting their own small businesses.

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Top Five Reasons Remote Employees Should Use A Co-working Space

Should Start-ups Use A Co-working Space?

Co-working Spaces: A Trend or Here to Stay?

The Upsides and Downsides Of Coworking

Co-working spaces are a newer concept, relatively speaking. Born in the 90’s to bring like-minded individuals to the same working office, co-working spaces tend to house many different types of businesses and teams.

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