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Virtual Office Space in the Bay Area: How to Choose an Address

The Bay Area is full of office buildings and skyscrapers, spanning from San Jose to Napa. It’s a diverse and vibrant area brimming with people and business opportunities. So why wouldn’t you want to have your business located here?


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Who Has the Best Office Space in the East Bay?


Reaching “Just Right!” As told by Goldilocks

We all remember the story. Too hot, too, cold. Too big, too small. Too hard, too soft. When it comes to an office space search, amidst the options and/or limitations of a targeted market location, our inner Goldilocks yearns for “Just Right!” So who has the best office space in the East Bay? That may seem elusive, but a Bear or a Goldilocks knows “Just Right!” when she sees it.

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5 Reasons a Virtual Office is Better than a Traditional Office

The world has changed: the traditional 9-5 business office is starting to fade, as more people work from home or work for themselves. If you fall into this category, why not work in a virtual office? There are many benefits a virtual office has over a traditional office. Here, we’ll go over five of the best.


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What are Virtual Offices?

Working from home offers convenience and practicality, as well as comfort, but it’s not without its shortcomings. Using your home address as your business address eliminates privacy, and acting as your own receptionist is a hassle. But there’s a solution that’s both cost effective and easy: A virtual office.

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