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Ryan Ring

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How much is a Virtual Business Address in Northern CA?

Main Street, USA. Wilshire Blvd. Madison Avenue. Mr. Shakespeare taught that “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” but when it comes to a business address, certain streets are sweeter than others.

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What is the Difference Between a PO Box and a Virtual Mail Service?

Post office (PO) boxes have been around for decades, giving people a mailing address that isn’t associated with where they live or work. They are cheap and easy. But there’s an equally cost-effective and simple option for those who want their mail delivered elsewhere: A virtual mail service.

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Are Hotels the Only Place to get Meeting Room Rentals?

You have a meeting. It’s short notice. You need a professional setting. What are your options?
When it comes to business, there is no substitute for hosting your meetings style.  The following article includes a few options for those considering a conference room rental and/or meeting room rental.


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Can I Have a Virtual Office in California if I live on the East Coast?

If you’re running a business on the East Coast, you may feel like your client base is limited to your geographic region. You’d probably love to expand, but if your business is small or relatively new, you might not have the financial ability to open a branch office.

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The Basic Components of a Virtual Office

Virtual office is defined by dictionary.cambridge.org as: “the activities of a business carried out by people who communicate by telephone, email, and the internet, etc., rather than working together in a building”.

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Start-Up Businesses: Why a Virtual Office Will Help You Grow

When you’re running a start-up business, your current set-up is probably very small; very few employees, a limited budget and you may not even have an official office.

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