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Ryan Ring

Recent Posts

Is a Virtual Office Beneficial for a Start-Up?

The easy answer to the headline is yes, a virtual office is an excellent investment for start-up businesses and will make your life just a bit easier. But there are many reasons why that’s the case.

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How Can I Find a Virtual Office that I can Afford?

Virtual offices are a great convenience that are now available all over the country, and with that increased availability comes increased affordability. Virtual office companies are competing for your business, and you can reap the benefits if you know how to be selective. Here are a few tips for getting a cheap virtual office.

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Are Virtual Office Services Available by the Day?

If you’re running a successful business for yourself, or you work alone from home, dedicated office space might be unnecessary. After all, why rent out an office when you can get your work done from anywhere? But the time may come for an important meeting with a potential client or business partner, and meeting in your living room just won’t do. Or perhaps you just need some space to layout a presentation.

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Virtual Receptionist vs. Telephone Answering Service

If you have a small office or work alone, you may not have the need or budget for a full-time receptionist. However, answering the phone yourself is a mundane activity that can easily derail what you’re doing or keep you from getting important work done.

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Virtual Office San Francisco Bay Area: 3 Addresses You Can Consider

If you work from home or own a start-up business in the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be considering investing in some office space. Not only will it add credibility to your business, it will also allow you to have a place to get organized and meet with employees or clients. But Bay Area leases are very pricey, even here on the fringes of the East Bay. Why not consider virtual office space? It allows you to have a part-time base of operations for your business, without having to worry about an expensive lease and all of the logistics of getting an office set up.

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Does a Virtual Receptionist Come With a Virtual Office?

If you have your own business and work alone, or with a very small staff, you might occasionally feel the need for some extra help – maybe someone to answer phone calls for you or take messages when you’re not available. After all, needing to stop what you’re doing every time the phone rings can be a hassle and disrupt your workflow. But hiring an extra person for those tasks is impractical, especially if you don’t have major call volume, and your business might not be able to afford the expense.

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