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Ryan Ring

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Why a Shared Office Space Is Perfect For the Self Employed

Self-employment is a dream come true for many business-minded individuals. The idea of working from home or in a personal office is romantic, but there is something missing: the social aspect of a work environment.

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5 of the Best Brainstorming Tips to Help You Get More Out of Your Sessions

Every new and great idea starts with brainstorming. As an essential part of the creative process, brainstorming requires a safe and open space where people are free to express their ideas without judgment. If your brainstorming sessions are lacking, here are five tricks to help you maximize your time.

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3 Alternatives to a Traditional Office Space

Slowly but surely, the traditional office is disappearing. According to a new report by PwC, only 14% of those surveyed want to work in a traditional office environment. One in five say they want to work in a virtual environment or use a collaborative workspace.

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What is a Collaborative Workspace and Who Are They Meant For?

Collaborative workspaces are ideal for companies that want to enable their employees to work closely together on projects. The idea is that projects are meant to be worked on together as a whole, rather than each person working separately in their own cubicles. It makes sense to work together, but many workspaces are not designed with collaboration in mind.

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Need a Dublin Coworking Space? 3 Things to Consider

Looking for coworking space in Dublin? With a great location, Dublin is a popular spot for entrepreneurs, startups and other businesses looking for coworking space. But before you decide on a space, consider these three important things:

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The Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Dublin, CA

Thinking of getting a virtual address in Dublin, CA? There are many benefits to making Dublin the virtual home of your startup or business.

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