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5 Reasons a Virtual Business Address is Vital for Home Start-ups

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 12:28:20 PM by Ryan Ring

virtual-business-address-home-start-upsComing up with a great idea for a business is often the hardest part; but that doesn’t mean it gets a lot easier after that. You need to raise capital, develop a business plan, find clients/business partners… the list goes on and on.


One way to make your life easier is by investing in a virtual business address. A virtual address allows you to essentially rent a building’s address without having to occupy any space in that building. It can be very beneficial for your business; here are 5 reasons why:


1. Enhance your professionalism


Putting your home address on a business card doesn’t scream professionalism, especially if a client or business partner ever looks it up online. Having an office address adds legitimacy and credibility to your start-up.


2. Ensure secure delivery


If you have important packages or letters that need to be delivered, you want to be sure they are secure and signed for (if needed). A virtual address will always have someone present who can accept vital deliveries, and make sure they are safely stored until you can retrieve them. 


3. Avoid possible mishaps


If you receive business correspondence at home, you’re going to have all your business mail mixed up with your bills and junk mail. That can not only be annoying, it might also cause you to misplace an important letter. A virtual address will eliminate that worry.


4. You can couple it with a virtual receptionist


Almost all virtual address providers also have virtual receptionists available, often for a small additional cost. A virtual receptionist functions exactly like a regular receptionist: answering your calls, connecting them to you, and taking messages. But a virtual receptionist in an employee of a virtual office – so you get all of the benefits of an extra employee without any of the responsibilities of hiring one.


5. Add more services if needed


Many virtual addresses are connected to virtual office buildings, which are dedicated to folks like you: businesspeople who need some office services and amenities on a part-time basis. A virtual office will have private workspaces equipped with high-speed internet, as well as conference rooms available on an as-needed basis. Having a virtual office at your disposal will add valuable flexibility to your business operations.


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