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Ryan Ring

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Shared Office Space is Better Than Renting

For those who work for themselves, it can be difficult to gauge the need for an office. If you need to meet with clients, an office makes it seem more professional. But on a day-to-day basis? You could probably function fine without one. So what do you do? Rent out an office that you only need on a limited basis?

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The Top 5 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Here at the 580 Executive Center, we’ve provided shared office space for years. This is a sensible alternative to leasing office space full time, and we’ve had some happy clients. But it become apparent that we needed something more – and a coworking space was that something.

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Coworking Space is Changing the Way People Work

Technology has been changing the way we work forever, since the invention of the printing press. But it seems like the changes come fast and furious these days. 10 years ago, “working from home” was usually code for taking a day off, with very few people actually working remotely. Now? More than a third of American workers have telecommuted, and the number continues to rise. Will offices cease to exist one day? Perhaps.

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Are Coworking Offices the Rage?

We live in the age of the tech entrepreneur; in case you haven’t been paying attention to those yahoos (no pun intended) down in Santa Clara County. And multiple times per year, those tech geniuses will give us multiple new products and websites that are “destined to change the game.” That’s in quotes, not because it’s untrue, but because they can’t all change the game. Not every trend is going to pan out.

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Coworking Offices Are Here To Stay

Are you one of the lucky few who gets to work remotely? It’s quite a privilege – if you can handle it. Without a boss nearby to supervise, some folks get wildly off task. Like those two weeks around Christmas in a conventional office; nobody is getting any work done.

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Is Coworking Space Unavailable in the Suburbs?

Here at the 580 Executive Center, we’ve been providing virtual office services for a while. We also have some for-rent office space, for clients who need a regular workplace. And although these are beneficial services, there’s a very specific type of client who doesn’t need either: telecommuters.

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