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4 Tips to Consider When Investing in a Virtual Receptionist

Posted on Nov 25, 2014 9:44:56 AM by Kathy Young

tips-investing-in-virtual-receptionistIf you have a business that’s just starting up, or you work alone, you might not have the financial flexibility to hire anyone to assist you – but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use the help. Regardless of how productive or dedicated you are, anyone can benefit from having a little assistance.


One great way to make thing easier is by hiring a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist gives you all of the benefits of a receptionist – answering your calls, forwarding them as necessary, and setting appointments – without the need to hire them yourself.


If you are interested in hiring a virtual receptionist, here are four tips to consider:


1. Shop around


Just like with any product or service, prices can vary for virtual receptionist services. Make sure you do a little research and compare prices from different virtual receptionists in your area.


2. Assess the virtual office


Most virtual receptionists work in a virtual office building, which is a part-time home to many different businesses or individuals. Check the office’s website and see if any online reviews are available. A professional and competent virtual office environment is more likely to employ a receptionist you’ll be happy with.


3. Inquire about your prospective virtual receptionist


When a client or business partner calls, a virtual receptionist will be the first person they talk to that’s associated with your business: a good first impression is essential. Ask the service provider if a single virtual receptionist will always answer, or if multiple receptionists will be used. Also, if a single receptionist will be used, try to get an introduction so you can personally assess their professionalism and competence.


4. Consider additional services


You might only need a virtual receptionist at the moment, but your needs can change in the future. See what additional services are available at the virtual office the receptionist works at – is there private office space? Rentable meeting rooms? Being able to upgrade your service down the road will be both convenient and helpful.


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