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4 Reasons a Virtual Office is Perfect for a New Businesses

Posted on Oct 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Ryan Ring

4 Reasons a Virtual Office is Perfect for a New Businesses | 580 Executive CenterThere is a lot that goes into starting a new business. From the moment you get an idea for a business to the time that you officially start it, there are several things that must happen. Getting to the point of being ‘open for business’ requires a lot of work and decision making. Fortunately, there are some decisions that are easy to make once you understand how they will benefit you and your business. One of those decisions is to choose a virtual office over a physical location. If you can run your new business remotely then a virtual office is perfect.


Avoid making a long-term commitment

When you choose a virtual office over a traditional office you can avoid making a long-term commitment. Commercial office leases typically require you to sign a multi-year contract. During the early stages of your business it simply does not make sense to sign a long-term commitment. You have goals and dreams for your business but you do not know where it will be one, three, or five years down the line. Your needs will likely change and the location you choose may not work for long. Going with a virtual office allows you to avoid making a long-term commitment and maintain the flexibility that is so important for new businesses.


Establish a professional reputation from the beginning

A virtual office can help you establish a professional reputation for your business from the very beginning. You can set up a commercially recognized business address for your company through a virtual office. This means that when people search for your business online, the address shows up as a commercial location instead of your personal residence. This will help you build a professional appearance for your business even if you do not

have a physical location.


Keep your overhead costs down

A virtual office is perfect for your new business because it can help you keep your overhead costs down. There is a long list of costs associated with renting or buying a physical location. You have the rent, utilities, furnishings, and a number of maintenance costs – especially if you decide to purchase an office space. With a virtual office, on the other hand, you can keep your overhead costs down. You can get the physical address, mail services, and even receptionist services from a virtual office without paying the high cost of a physical location. A virtual office will allow you to invest more of your money into running your new business.


Get help with some of the logistics

You can get help with some of the logistics related to running your new business if you decide to use a virtual office. At 580 Executive Center, for example, you can get access to a friendly and courteous support staff for things like taking messages and dealing with mail. Basically, you will have a fully functioning office working in
the background handling logistics so you are free to focus on building your new business.

A virtual office is a great option for new businesses. Choosing a virtual office over a physical location can provide you with many of the same benefits without requiring the same level of commitment or investment. If you are looking for a virtual office location in the Bay Area, take a look at everything that 580 Executive Center has to offer.

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