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What is the Difference Between Executive Suites and Office Space?

Whether you are the owner of a small business, or an executive charged with the task of finding a satellite office for the corporation you work for, you are likely to be considering the two broad categories of office space types – An Executive Suite or conventional Office Space. There are similarities as well as distinct differences.

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Transitioning from a Home Office to an Executive Office Suite

If you are looking for an option for moving your business out of your home office, an Executive Suite Business Center might be able to provide you with  the whole package. 

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Who Has the Best Office Space in the East Bay?


Reaching “Just Right!” As told by Goldilocks

We all remember the story. Too hot, too, cold. Too big, too small. Too hard, too soft. When it comes to an office space search, amidst the options and/or limitations of a targeted market location, our inner Goldilocks yearns for “Just Right!” So who has the best office space in the East Bay? That may seem elusive, but a Bear or a Goldilocks knows “Just Right!” when she sees it.

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