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Ryan Ring

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Looking For Co-working Spaces In The Bay Area

The popularity of co-working spaces continues to grow more and more as the number of people who work remotely increases. The amount of people who spend some or all of their time working remotely is no longer a small, lucky few. Forty-three percent of employed Americans report working remotely at least part of the time. In a place the size of the Bay Area, these numbers mean that there is a large group of people that spend some or all of their working hours somewhere other than the office. For people who have never worked remotely the idea may conjure up images of working all day from the couch while simultaneously binge watching TV. The reality is that working remotely is still work and requires the same level of attention and effort as being in the office. In fact, working out of your home can be more difficult than having a dedicated place to go and work each day. Because of this, many remote workers are looking for an alternative that does not require a long commute but still provides a high quality work environment. If you are looking for this combination it is time to consider a co-working space. As you look for a co-working space you should consider your current needs, your future needs, and wants as you go through the decision making process.

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Coworking is Great For Your Marketing Efforts

As the numbers of those who work out of coworking spaces has broken the one million mark, according to the 2017 Global Coworking Survey, it’s clear that this somewhat nomadic work lifestyle is here to stay. As we’ve discussed in this space previously, they’re extremely popular with startups and millennials in general, and are likely to save you a significant amount of money. But have you considered that, in addition to all of these benefits, coworking might just give your marketing efforts the boost you’ve been needing? Here are some of the ways that coworking can give you a much needed marketing edge.

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Coworking Is Good For Your Health

If you’ve been following this blog, or have been doing some research on coworking spaces, you’re probably aware of some of the more obvious benefits of working out of a coworking space. It can be a great cost-saver, may provide a big boost to creativity and productivity, and provides a professional environment for your remote workers. But there is another, less immediately visible advantage to coworking. It may actually be beneficial for your health and well-being. Let’s look at why.

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4 Reasons Why Coworking Is Better Than Working Out Of Your Home

We all know that working at 9 to 5 job gets to be a drag. If you have a formidable commute, and have to struggle through rush hour to get there and back, that’s even more true. That’s the reason that so many of us strive to get out of that particular grind, and look for opportunities to work remotely.

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4 Myths About Coworking

Coworking is certainly a hot topic these days in any discussion of office planning. It seems to be here to stay, as we see both the number of coworking spaces and the number of people who work there continuing to grow continuously. Is it right for you or your company? Before you decide, let’s address of few of the myths and dispel some misconceptions about coworking.

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Why Should I Go To A Co-working Space If I Work Remote?

More than ever before, American’s are working remotely. A recent Gallup survey showed that 43% percent of workers in the U.S. spend some of their time working remote, with 31% stating that they work four to five days each week. The ability to telecommute is one of the most highly desired arrangements for today’s job seekers. Lots of people love the idea of being able to work from the comfort of their own home, even staying in their pajamas if they so choose.

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